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Good evening to all:

I was steered to this forum by another "long time shooting friend". A little about me. I have been interested in "shooting sports" for about 60 years. I was born & raised (for the most part!) in Texas. I came of age at the "tail of end of the Vietnam War". I registered for the draft, but, being late in the war, and a "high selective service number", I was not called. Hence I ended up not serving in the military. I spent the first portion of my life as a machinist/fabricator (about 25 years), and the second half as an "ASE Master Auto Tech". As a machinist, I got quite a bit of experience, in a number of job's, because I "kind of moved around", chasing "that higher pay thing". Not to mention, I enjoy a challenge. This included a stint at a "rifle manufacturing firm" building (machining) lower receiver's. As the economy changed in Texas, and jobs became hard to find, I switched to auto repair. I started out sweeping floors at my first shop. Worked my way up to a "top tier status", doing "drivability & electrical". Spent several years at a Chevrolet dealership, which I did enjoy from the aspect of receiving "GM training". I retired from work about two years ago. In my spare time (😂), I ride motorcycles. In this period, I have grown quite a large a collection of firearms also. I DO belong to several other "gun forums", but I'm always in search of "more knowledge" & the friendship of others whom have the same passion I do for firearms. I'll probably just lurk for a while. I by no means consider my self a "firearms expert". Always ready to listen to others, as opposed to "blathering on & on" about "this, that, or the other thing". I wish to thank all the members here, in advance, for allowing me to be a part of the conversation.



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