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650 Case Feeder Slide and Cam Issues

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Hi Everybody,


my 650 runs on a Mark7 and does a lot. Parts wear out and the machine stops running smooth.

A big problem is the fast wear out of the aluminum feeder arm and I would like to ask the community if somebody solved the problem.

My case feed body is Version B and the mount on the press to high, the slider Cam does not fully apply the alu feeder.


Maybe with a new construction (3D) , new Cam or something else.


Thinking of reducing the power of the spring, but do I run into other issues then, that the arm cannot slide back to fill in the next case....


Other thougt is to design a complete other system. An pestle is driven mechanical by the platform arm (that fits the Feeder Slide) and pushes a case forward to the drop down hole. 

Mount designed and printed in 3D to fit the caliber conversion parts for different case sizes.




the Mark7 is on full upstroke, the alu feed is not pushed good enough 

it is not possible to mount the Mark7 drive on an alternative position to get more upstroke

one solution could be to lower the casefeed body by drilling alternative mounting holes...


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