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Blue Ridge Mountain 3-Gun Championship. May 14-16, 2020 at The Clinton House

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The BRM3G is moving to The Clinton House in SC, and will be held May 14-16 this year.  We had a great run at Rockcastle with the Nobles, and it looks like The Clinton House facilities are going to work out just as well.  Registration will be on Practiscore, and it will open early next week.  I will post here once it is set up and ready to go. 


I hope to have a lot of our staff back after the move, but some positions may open up.  If you're interested in working the match with us, send me an email at afh3g@yahoo.com.  I do not respond to communication through this website.  


Thanks to everyone who has attended over the years, and I hope to you at The Clinton House.


Happy New Year!



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Along with the move to the Clinton House and springtime, I am announcing a new division for this year’s Blue Ridge Mtn. 3-Gun.    The division, whose rules are below,

·         will not have special targets,

·         will require the use of 4 guns to complete most - if not all - stages,

·         will have required targets designated for each of the standard 3 guns and have optional targets allowed for PCC. 


Unfortunately, the BRM3G website is down, and I can't post the complete rules there at this time. I hope to have it up sometime in the next couple of weeks.  However, all rules pertaining to the Evolution Division are below.  It may be similar to some others out there, but in discussions with others, these are the changes that seemed to make the most sense to me.


Let the discussion begin!


6. Firearms Classifications (Open Division, Tactical Division Iron or Scoped, Evolution Division)

6.1 Handgun

6.1.3 Evolution Division Handguns must comply with Tactical Handgun rules with the following exceptions:

· Handguns may have one slide mounted optical sight (red-dot type sight).

6.2 Rifle

6.2.3 Evolution Division Rifles must comply with Tactical Optics rifle rules with the following exceptions:

·         Bipods are allowed on rifles in Evolution Division, and must remain on the rifle on every stage. Failure to comply with the subordinate clause of this exception is unsportsmanlike conduct.

6.3 Shotgun

6.3.3 Evolution Division Shotguns must comply with Tactical Shotgun rules with the following exceptions:

·         Rule does not apply.

·         Tube length is restricted to 12 rounds.

·         All clays are shotgun targets

·         When a clay is engaged with shotgun, at least 3 other targets in the array(s) must be engaged with the shotgun. Failure to do so will result in a miss per target +/- procedural penalty. 


6.4 Pistol Caliber Carbine (PCC)

6.4.1 PCCs are only allowed in Evolution Division.

6.4.2 PCCs must be of a factory configuration (see Rule 5.3, 5.4, 5.5).

6.4.3 Internal modifications are allowed providing the modifications do not alter the original factory configuration of the PCC.

6.4.3 PCCs may be equipped with no more than one (1) optical sight and one (1) magnifier for that sight.

6.4.4 Supporting devices (i.e. bipods, sandbags, etc.) are not allowed on PCCs in this division.

6.4.5 PCCs must be pistol caliber between 9mm and .45 caliber and the projectile may not exceed 1600 fps in velocity.



That's it!  The website fix is in the works, but may take about 10 more days if I have to transfer the site management.  I'n hoping that won't be necessary.  Stay safe!



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