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Gen 4 trigger issue- can you bend the bar?


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I have a Gen 4 Glock 40, trigger has a weird feel to it, found out the other day that when the beak of the bar hits the connector, instead of the vertical extension riding up and over as it activates the safety plunger, it flexes to the side and just manages to engage it, if there wasn't a bump on the bar to stop it going any further, I guess it would slide off.

Problem is with factory style connector, Ghost edge with a longer shelf seemed to fix it, but still would like to have it working with the factory style connector.

Can the vertical extension be bent sideways easily enough to move it away from the edge of the plunger? and will the slight decrease in height as it moves from the vertical be a problem for full engagement of the plunger?

All edges, faces, bar and plunger have already been stoned and polished,  by the way I do live in Australia, so parts are difficult to get and I would have to order and import another trigger and bar from the US, sadly not many of your companies are helpful when it comes to exporting.

Tried to get a photo, but not the easiest with my camera to get a shot down the mag well with a clear enough picture to show what is going on.

Concerned that because of how thin the bar is, that is will be hardened all the way through, and in stead of bending, it may just crack.

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