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Old Dog needs new Tricks


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 Old broken down carpenter wanting to learn more about what I need for my new build and trying to reach out at distance. I use to be a member of the benchers rifle Club of Stl..  Never shot bench rest, but  have shot at 4-500 yards of of the table tops with my premier reticle Leupold variety III 4.5-14x40mm with a BAR 270  Safari & BOSS. I am not a member at this time.

 I recently ordered a manners stock for my Tikka T3x in 270 win, ( Already had the dies & brass ), and am setting it up as my long range (for me), coyote rig, with 110 Vmaxes. It goes half MOA with several loads with possible one of the worst designed  factory stocks i have ever shot. This factory stocks makes it kick and jump like a 300 win mag. 

 I looked at a night force SHV (For My $$ available) yesterday and was undeniably impressed. I probably won't go 1000 yards, but could easily go 6-700 yards. 

If I go with with a 56 objective, will I need a cheek riser on the stock? I really don't want to spend $300 on a base and ring set if I don't have to. I will not be competing with this rig.

 Anyway, I have worked on some cool locations (I think), over my career. From the newly remodeled Gateway Arch Museum, to some Old Bridges and local refineries. Still going at it tho.  Trying to Stay in shape by bicycling,  being a health club member, and stomping out in the fields of southern IL, blasting away at Canis Latrans, usually from a snipershide & tripod. Im getting the new pig saddle and field tripod today to replace my Bog-Pod. Anyway, How the heck are you? Im doing good. 

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