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DAA Racemaster & my TM HiCapa


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I modified my TM HiCapa grip - rounded off the trigger guard, like a std. 1911 - cannot abide square trigger guards...

Contacted Saul at DAA as to what direction I should go - He gave me two options:

1) Get the 2011 holster and muzzle support.

2) Buy the 1911 holster and modify to fit.

I opted for the 2011 holster insert + muzzle support.

When it arrived it was great, but because the muzzle support is designed for 'real' firearms the muzzle plug was a bit loose and long, due to the 'fake' muzzle on the airsoft pistol, there was excessive 'wobble' when holstering. Annoying to say the least. (no fault of DAA - their products are not intended for Airsoft!).

Made up a mandrel to chuck the plug in my lathe and turned off about 2mm of the parallel plug and now the muzzle rests on the tapered section and WOW! the holster feel/action is transformed! The setup is so slick, it's like a different animal!

I suppose what I'm saying is if you use a DAA rig with a muzzle support for your competition setup and use an Airsoft pistol for practice, a simple mod you can perform to the muzzle plug will transform your holster (for practice) from meh. to awesome.

I believe the above mod. shouldn't unduly affect your competition gun holstering, but 'cos I can't shoot firearms I cannot guarentee it... :(



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