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Sight mods for SAR K2 45


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I love this gun but was not really happy with the quality of the adjustable rear sight. Since there are really no options out on the market right now for replacements, I had to get a little...creative.

I post this in case anyone is in the same boat and might like to try something similar. I used a welder, drill press, Dremel and files to do this. If you have a mill, that would be easier and the results better. I might replace these with better aftermarket sights some day if they become available, but this seems like it will work OK for now.

The front sight is just the sight that came on the gun, cut down to about .16 in height. Stock was around .2 I think. I first shot the gun with the stock height front sight after installing the rear and I was about 5-6" low at about 10-12 yards. If my calculations are right this will bring that up to the right spot. I just drilled a 1/16 hole through the sight for a .60 fiber optic rod and cut a notch for the rod to get some light.

The rear sight is this one:


The dovetail in the slide is definitely too big for the sight (see crappy MS paint pic), but luckily both are cut at the same angles. There was a tiny gap along the bottom of the sight dovetail and about a .06 gap at the front. It just so happened that I had a sawz-all blade that was this exact thickness so I cut a chunk out of it, welded it to the front of the sight, and dressed it up with files. You can see the little step in front of the set screw. Normally that would not be there. That's the extra piece. I just put a little JB weld on the bottom of the sight to take care of that gap.

I squared off where the front of the rear sight blades meet the top of the sight body to give it more of a positive "hook" while I was at it.

If anyone would like more pics or has any questions let me know. Thanks for checking this out!




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Oh, I forgot to mention (somewhat unrelated). I have an STI .45 magazine and tried it in this gun just for the heck of it. It fits rather snug, and wont drop free, but it locks in and feeds just fine. Could probably get 15-16 rounds in a 140mm mag if anyone wanted to mess with that.

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