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Buffer Spring Advice....

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Need some suggestions on my current setup. So I have my lightweight AR15 10.5" barrel completely built and I'm very pleased with the results. My AR is shooting fantastic... It is shooting flat even on double and triple taps and with very low felt recoil. I have some videos I'll be sharing soon firing the AR with my current setup.

Current Setup:

10.5" Noveske CQB Match Barrel

St. Croix Tactical Titanium Carrier NiB Bolt/Gas Key

JP Silent Capture Spring Carbine

EFAB 2 Hybrid Brake Compensator Muzzle

Shockwave Buffer Tube (carbine)

So I have all my settings recorded so I can revert to my current setup if I'm unhappy with any changes I make. I'm wanting to reduce some weight and I want to currently focus on removing the JP SCS and use a Taccom Ultralight Buffer system to see if I can reduce weight in that area without sacrificing performance.

I received my Taccom Buffer today and I also ordered a JP Carbine Centerless Grounded Spring and a standard carbine spring to test it out. I did not order a reduced spring or flat spring yet.

I had read that using a lightweight Titanium BCG and Taccom Buffer system that the idea was to use a reduced spring like Wolff or even a flat spring. That by using such spring combined with a light buffer, bcg and adjustable gas block.... it takes less force to send the BCG back. When the BCG goes forward because it is lighter it travels at a faster speed which gives enough action to peel the next round off the magazine. So basically I can go lighter weight = less force, faster bcg with the combination of an adjustable gas block such as the Sentry 7 and yet maintain low felt recoil.

Curious on your thoughts on what Springs I should try out by using my titanium BCG and Taccom Ultralight Buffer setup?

Do I want a reduced spring, stronger spring, flat spring or any other suggestions as far as springs go. I'll post up my thoughts after testing some of these setups and suggestions. I always feel there is room for perfecting.



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