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Winning the job - part deux


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I "land" in Phoenix next Tuesday to do my pre-employment testing and some training. The biggest goal is to find somewhere to live - FAST.

Driven by what I can find, and what I can afford until our other properties are sold and/or occupied, I've narrowed my search down to a few areas.

Sun City/Grand/West


El Mirage



I'm will be working at the intersection of 101/17, if that makes a difference. The goal is to have a reasonable commute, less than roughly 15 miles and to not live in a war zone. Are these reasonable communities for a bluish-white collar worker to reside? Any advice is appreciated.

Pretty pumped about the opportunities to get involved in steel and action pistol even as a novice at 59 too. I don't expect to win, I expect to learn and improve.

See ya' at Rio!

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