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Did I receive the wrong Rescomp holster?


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Hey guys, need a little help. I chose the Rescomp WSM hoster for Glock and was making a large order from Brownells. Everywhere else I have seen the Rescomps for sale on the net, they specifically ask whether it is a large frame or small frame glock. I never received that question from Brownells and just received my holster last night. I purchased it for a Glock 35, a small frame gun and they sent me a Large frame hoster. I called them back to re-order and the lady told me that they dont show the frame size as an option. The WSM model is new and only on their webpage. So, she said she couldnt change the order to a small frame. It came supplied with some shims. Should I send it back and order somewhere else to get the correct fit, or is there only one size "Glock" holster and you have to fit it to your small frame?

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Well, after searching for a while, I found a forum that was on cue with my question over on glocktalk. The large frame holster will not work with the small frame gun and vice versa. If you have a small frame Glock, then you have to have the small frame holster. I ordered from B&B for about $35.00 less than Brownells.

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