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Contact information, ordering, and pricing information

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Contact info:

You can contact us by sending an e-mail to sales@protocalldesign.com. This is BY FAR, the most reliable way to get fast service.

Phone: 913-730-0533 (Sales) or 913-422-8966 (Support).

e-mail: sales@protocalldesign.com (Will get to both Tracy and Warren)

To place an order, you can do one of five things:

  • Send an e-mail to sales@protocalldesign.com.
  • Send an e-mail to protocalldesign+sales@gmail.com (back-up e-mail address).
  • Call us.
  • Send a PM to Toolguy. (not preferred)
  • Send a PM to Protocall Design. (not preferred)


Calling or sending an e-mail to sales@protocalldesign.com is the fastest way to get a response.




Shipping is by USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate, with insurance, except for fiber-only shipments. This is the fastest method, at this time, to ship products in the U.S. Fiber-only shipments will be shipped in a bubble envelope, first class and uninsured to reduce shipping costs. All other orders will be charged shipping plus insurance at the actual cost of shipping, rounded up to the nearest dollar. Credit cards will be charged after shipping costs are determined, so that we can add the shipping cost to the total. You will receive an invoice with your order that states the total amount of your order, including shipping. We ship the business day after we receive payment.

Front sights

Sights are Patridge, and .100 wide, unless you specifically request .125 wide. You can determine whether you need a pin-on sight or a classic sight by looking under the sight at the muzzle. If you can see a hole under the sight, just above the bore, you have a classic sight. For photos and more information, see this post.

Additional fibers are available for an additional cost, in case you want a choice of colors, or if your fiber breaks. Fibers sold with the sight will not be charged additional shipping, but fibers ordered separately will be charged shipping.


.200 pin-on or classic


.225 pin-on, only, .100-wide, only
.250 pin-on or classic
.300 pin-on or classic

Fiber optic $45 + shipping
Plain front sights $40 + shipping
Additional fibers, per 2" length $2 each + $3 shipping for entire fiber order (only for fiber-only orders. Fibers ordered with sights do not have extra shipping.)

Rear sights

Fiber optic $80 + shipping

Set of front and rear $100 + shipping

Mover front sights

Mover front sights are custom-made, difficult to make and the scrap rate is high. In the past, we have given a discount for bulk orders, but we will not be able to do so any longer, because making several at a time does not reduce our costs. For photos and more information, see this post.

mover front sight $525 + shipping


Competitor and V-Comp front sights


Competitor and V-Comp fiber optic front sights are available .125 wide, and in two heights, .250 and .300. If you are shooting heavy, slow bullets, you'll probably want the .300-tall sight.


Competitor or V-Comp front sight $90 + shipping


Additional fibers are available for an additional cost, in case you want a choice of colors, or if your fiber breaks. Fibers sold with the sight will not be charged additional shipping, but fibers ordered separately will be charged shipping.

Revo holster modification

The revo holster modification allows you to convert your Hogue PowerSpeed holster for use with a revolver from 4" to 8 1/2" barrel length. For more information, see this post.

revo holster mod $75 + shipping

Action Pistol accessories (see here for more information)


Stick Shift Barricade Mount


The Stick Shift Barricade Mount consists of a Stick Shift integrated onto a bolt-on mount with adjustable wings. This mount is for semi-automatic firearms, and can convert a metallic gun into an open gun, with the addition of a scope. See this post for more information and photos.

Production is currently ramping up, but these are available with a lead time.

Stick Shift Barricade Mount $850 + shipping

Stick Shift Mover Mount

Stick Shift mover mounts for mounting your optical sight on your revolver or semi-auto firearm allow you to hold dead center in the Moving Target event, without having to compensate for lead at the time you are firing. To do this, you must set up the lead compensation in advance, using the instructions provided with the mount.

The semi-auto Stick Shift has a flat base that can be mounted on a shroud or on any scope base. The revo Stick Shift has a base machined to screw onto a Smith & Wesson revolver that has been drilled and tapped for a scope base. The revo Stick Shift will fit any S&W revolver with an adjustable rear sight. If you have a S&W revolver with a fixed rear sight, you will want to order the semi-auto version.

Semi-Auto $325 + shipping
Revolver $350 + shipping


Prone Pad, previously known as the Base Pad

The Prone Pad elevates your firearm to bring your metallic or optical sights more in line with your eyes when you are going prone in any of the events that allow for this. These are typically used by shooters who fire 1911-variant firearms in this competition. We have two styles. One is our original, or regular, and the other is for folks with larger hands. They are dimensionally the same and cost the same.

Single-stack magwell $90 + shipping


Coming soon

New products coming soon!

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