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Broken parts


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I shot a steel challenge match this past sunday to make sure my pistol was running good before I leave for The TFD 3gun match thurs morning. I cleaned it Sunday after the match to find I had broken another firing pin, it would still set of the primers though. I called the company first thing monday morning and of course they said they would replace it, I paid 30.00 bucks to 2nd day it to me so I would have it in time for the match. He said it would be sent out that day so I woudl get it in time for the match. Come to find out they sent it out yeasterday so I WILL NOT get it in time for the match. WTF did I pay 30.00 bucks for? Thankfully my buddy is going to take apart his carry gun so I can use the firing for the match. This is a very large and reputable company who I have done alot of bussiness and will have to think long and hard before I do anymore. Just pisses me off when people don't do what they say. Ok end of rant

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