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Dillon .223 powder die question


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After years of loading pistol rounds, I'm setting up my AT-500 for .223. I use a RCBS Uniflow and ordered a powder die from Dillon along with the three die set. When making the order, I explained that I needed a powder die and that I would be using the Uniflow measure instead of a Dillon measure. The "sleeve" or "insert" for the powder die is 1.97" long and is stamped "A".

Unlike the sleeves on pistol powder dies which are secured to the die body with an Allen set screw, the .223 powder die insert is not secured to the die body and "floats" up until it hits the base of the Uniflow powder measure. I assume that you charge the case when the sleeve is fully up.

Is this the way it is supposed to work?

Thanks for any advice.


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