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New here and relatively new to USPSA. Classified C class from the intitial class and have done nothing but get worse. Practice has consited of shooting with 2 shooters who are WAY faster than me and I've picked up some good things but don't seem to be getting better.

I've recently read a few books about practice and have realized I probably have been going about it ALL WRONG. I've recently read Practice Perfect by Saul Kirsh, and 2 of Ben Stoger's books.

I welcome feedback, comments, and trolling.

I am heading to range today 5/30/2013

Goal for today is calling shots. It seems I put targets on paper at the MS classic pretty consistently all alphas and 1 mike in each stage. So at some point I'm either losing my site or losing my concentration. Can't even narrow it down to far vs close targets. Will post again the drills I worked on today later, along with time practiced, times of shots, and number of rounds fired.

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Well changed mind today on what to work on. Went to range at 3pm and left at 6:30. Shot 200 rounds. ran yapper more than shot. Did the Ben Stoger dot drill. 2 inch circles at 7yards 6 shots in a circle in under 5 seconds. Care to guess how I did? Needless to say I never made it. Furthermore I only once actually got all 6 shots in the circle and that was shooting weakhanded taking my time. Even taking my time freestyle I couldn't put all 6 in the circle. WTF? On the first run got 5 of 6 in at 5.30 seconds.

run 1 5.3s 5 of 6

run 2 4.97 4 of 6

run 3 5.7 3 of 6

did about 6 more runs and quit writing them down since the results were so abysmal. Decided to do some reload drills as I am not good at that and tend to fling the mag about 10-15 feet out to the left when I go to drop it. worked on 1 shot from 10yards reload 1 shot worked on trying to drop the mag before I rotate gun. Definetly going to work on this in dry fire drills one day. Oh and dryfire is a new thing for me to learn of since reading these books.

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Went to range with "The Falcon" shot about 200 rounds

Did the dot drill again Still did not complete it but at least got a few close.

1st run 5 of 6 at 5.46




Did it a few times and at least feel better about it even though I wasn't successful

Tne went to reload drill

2 targets 10yards apart and 10 yards away

fire 2 in 1 target reload fire 2 in other only counted all A hits


1 4.39

2 5.0

3 4.89

4 4.55

Then switched to a transition drill

same set up but 2 in A zone transition to other target 2 in A zone

Then transtion to head shots 2 on same target you finished on then 2 on your start target

1 5.38

2 5.55

3. 5.15

4 5.6

5 6.4

Must work on draw and reloads more. Still need work on everything but this is what I KNOW I can speed up the most the fastest. DRaw on dot drill is 1.8ish and on all other drills around 1.3.

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Fun plinking at the range

Cleaning the plate rack with a 625 from 50 yards. Turned out to be much harder than anticipated but was able to get 3 out of 6 from 50 yards on 8 inch plates. No times just plinking. Much better with the 9mm CZ. Able to clean the rack and have some shots left over out of a 10 round mag.

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