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I wasn't able to find this info using the search; sorry if it's been covered before.

I have a couple of different aftermarket Glock trigger systems, specifically the Glocktriggers.com Challenger and the Vanek GSSF Master trigger. Both are pretty similar, but what separates the Vanek from the Glocktriggers.com is the striker. Whatever Charlie Vanek does to the striker makes a world of difference in the break, both lighter and crisper. I've swapped the Vanek striker with the stock striker in guns with various different triggers, and it always makes a difference.

Does anyone know what Vanek does to the stock striker? It's not obvious through casual observation. I asked Charlie if he sells just a "tuned" striker, but he does not. I'm not looking to hurt his business, but I don't want to spend over $200 just to get the striker from the entire trigger kit.

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