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C-More RTS issue


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I recently bought a C-More RTS for my S&W 41 steel gun with Clark STC barrel. I like the sight very much EXCEPT the dot is WAY too bright in anything except daylight. The sight is unusable in an indoor range. The choices are Off-Auto-Manual (full bright). I emailed C-More to ask if the intensity circuit could be adjusted or recalibrated, and their response was I should put some tape over the photocell! Thanks a lot. I just tried the tape, and I think it might actually work, sort of (my choices are full bright or full dim), but is a much less than ideal solution.

Other than that, the size, shape and clarity of the lens and dot are about the same as a Railway, but in a much smaller, lighter body, and it is easier to adjust. Also the battery can be changed without removing the sight from its mount. I shot the 41 twice in a steel match last night and finished 2nd and 3rd overall (to myself in 1st shooting a carbine) out of 37. So for a rail mounted sight (as opposed to a slide-ride type of mounting) I think this is about the best option available right now, except for the brightness issue (again, works great in daylight).

I have a DeltaPoint on my 625, and it is great, but much harder to adjust, as detailed in another thread. I have a Burris FastFire III on my 617, and that is a great sight for the money, but the lens is much smaller, making the dot sometimes harder to acquire.

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