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Hi from Charleston


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Hello. I'm Terry from Charleston, SC.

I've been lurking the forums for a while reading about competitive shooting and just joined to start contributing to the community.

About me, I'm a nuclear engineer by trade and never held a gun until November of 2010. After a trip to the range, I've become completely hooked onto shooting and my disease has gotten exponentially worse since going to my first USPSA match last March. I pretty much sucked big time, which makes me want to improve but I didn't have the time due to working 60 hours a week.

Now that my job situation has changed, I've made it my priority to get good at the first hobby I can say I truly love. I'm striving to make the transition from unclassified shooter who dwelled below the bottom of D class to B class and above in 2012!

I'll happily listen to any advice anybody cares to give me, I am definitely starting from the bottom and I am really glad that this community exists.

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