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Case feed motor dying.

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Well after 20+ years and thousands of rounds I think my case feed motor is finally dying. This is an RL 1050 motor manufactured in 1989.

My question is will the current replacement motors fit the mounting bracket and does brian sell just the motor?

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I called Dillon this evening and talked to one of their service reps who as always had great advice.

1) the fill tube switch is normally the problem. Try bypassing it

2) If that doesn't fix it call back and talk to bill in service. If anyone can help you he can and he works the early shift

I bypassed the fill switch and things look like they are working again. So hopefully I will not need bills help. I got ambitious and took the 2$ switch apart to clean it and glued it back together. If it works I saved a whole 2$ for 30 minutes worth of work. If not I now know how that switch works. Pretty simple deal.

Either way no way to be disappointed in it. After all this press was manufactured in 1989

More to report in the AM.


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