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Resources for speaking to Brand New CHL holders

Merlin Orr

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A group of people from my church have requested that I speak to them prior to their going to get their CHL licences. While I have been to a number of firearms related classes I have never "taught" one or spoken to a group formally.

I feel pretty strongly that the main, if not sole, emphasis should be on safety and familiarization with their weapon of choice.

Are there any videos (Youtube or whatever) that present a nice basic safety overview suitable for a Really new and green person wanting to get a gun/CHL...?

Are there any prepared outlines for a good basic safety presentation to new gun owners/shooters/CHL holders...?

Any club websites that have a good written safety brief or other instructions...?

I plan to stay (if at all possible) away from legal - moral - and ethical considerations about self defense. The CHL classes I have been to always have information pertaining to that aspect of being a CHL holder and the responsibilities that go with it.

I welcome your help, thoughts and comments....

Links will be helpful....

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