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5 Stage Classifer, Hopkinton, MA

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Special Classification Match, (pending USPSA approval):

• Who: First to sign-up, 25 slots - limited space because of limited light in the afternoon

• What: USPSA Sanctioned Classifier Match, 5 stages

• Where: Hopkinton Sportsmen's Association, 95 Lumber Street, Hopkinton Ma, 01748-2303. In association with BUAS

• When: Wednesday, March 7, arrive no later than 130p, 145p shooters briefing, 2p match start

• Why: Why not ?

• How much: $30 paid in advance, checks to Hopkinton Sportsmen's Association at address above, must be received well in advance

• Rounds: approximately 60 if you shoot it once

We will be posting the stages in advance as soon as they are finalized. The match is being held mid-week as its the only date that works for the club and the staff. This is a great opportunity to get classified in a division you dont shoot or get classified so that you can compete in USPSA. If you are new to the sport we want you !

PLEASE note that this is sign-up in advance and there are very few spots left and we'll need to stick to the space limit. Please send me a PM to RSVP or with any questions. In the RSVP please note (1) club affiliation if any, (2) division, (3) USPSA #, (4) if you are an RO, (5) and your e-mail address.


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or get classified so that you can compete in USPSA.

Nothing in the rulebook prevents a shooter from competing in USPSA if they are not classified. The only thing not being classified does is that it prevents them from being eligible for class awards since they won't have a current classification as required by Rule 6.4.2.

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