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IPSC Europian Rifle Championship

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Place: Veliko Tarnovo

Pre match registration and match officials accomodation: 20.7.2012

Pre match 20-23.7.2012

RO party: 23.7.2012

Match registration 23-24.7.2012

Opening ceremony 24.7.2012

Main match 25-28.7.2012

Shoot Off and awards ceremony 29.7.2012

Distance from all 3 big airport aprox 200km and drive time to the range 3 hours.

The ERC2012 will be held on the National Navy University's shooting range in Belyakovets village, district of Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria.

The exact location of the range is N 43 07`00``/ E 25 33`37``

20.07.2012: Prematch Registration

21.07.2012: Prematch

22.07.2012: Prematch

23.07.2012: Prematch, Main Match Registration

24.07.2012: Main Match Registration, Opening Ceremony

25.07.2012: Main Match

26.07.2012: Main Match

27.07.2012: Main Match

28.07.2012: Main Match

29.07.2012: Shoot Off, Closing Ceremony

The number of stages and rounds will be specified soon.

web site:


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