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New 10mm mags

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I picked up a Match .40 a couple months ago with the intention of running .40 and 10mm. Based on comments here about .40 running fine in 10mm mags (old ones at least), I decided to just buy 10mm mags for both calibers. However with the issues I've read about with the old style 10mm mags I decided to wait for the new Mec Gar mags to be available. I just got my hands on 3 and have just started testing them with some .40 with some not so encouraging results. With just one round in the magazine they all cycled fine, however when loaded up all the way I was consistently getting nasty feed fails, even damaging a couple rounds (was using Federal HST for feed testing, only thing on hand right now). So before I test these at the range and potentially chew up more good ammo, has anyone shot factory .40 out of these things reliably?

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There is another thread about somebody else's success with the new MecGar 40 mags (marked K40). They .40 mags have a rear spacer that moves the shorter factory .40 S&W forward, which I suspect help with feeding. People where using the old style 10mm mags were loading long.

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