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Trigger Group Instillation Question


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Hi I am interested in the Dawson hi cap super trigger group. It says that it requires fitting. How much fitting? Can a guy do this with a little reading in his garage or do I need a lot of know how and some fine sanding stones. I would love to get these internals into my pistol, but I do not feel like sending it to a gun smith and waiting six months for him to maybe get to it.

FYI I know how the trigger group works, but I have never fitted or worked on the sear or hammer for a trigger job. I can strip the gun down, but I just don't know what needs fitting. I would like to learn, so I would preferably like to do this myself, but sometimes its better to take it to someone who know what they are doing.

Thanks for the help

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Hi Guy,

If you're familiar with the 1911/2011 safety systems and can adjust the sear spring, you should have no problems installing this trigger group.

You will need to adjust the sear spring and then check the function of the grip and thumb safeties to ensure they're working properly.

You won't have to do any work to the hammer and sear engagements, their surfaces are already set.

That is one of the great benefits of this trigger group. B)


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