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Hi Gang...

Just wanted to give a short review of my new gunbelt.

After a lot of searching I decided to purchase a belt from BULLHIDE BELTS this is the belt I ordered...My Belt

A few things...

1) this is NOT two, or more layers glued and/or stitched together to create a thick belt. The belt is made from one thick SINGLE piece of bull hide leather. It is approx 1/4" thick and very solid. When you hold it in your hand, it has considerable heft and feel, yet when put it through the belt loops, it curved and bent easily around my waist.

2) the finish on the leather is superb. edges are finished nicely and the leather is smooth and good looking.

3) I chose the brass buckle with roller. It is a solid feeling buckle that can hold up to a heavy weapon and magazines.

4) I emailed the company with questions and received an email response about an hour later. was concerned because I was hoping to have my belt by this Saturday's local IDPA match. I ordered the belt on Monday 5/9/11 and when I got home from work on Wednesday 5/11/11 it was sitting on my door step! Now admittedly the company is in my own state but still, great shipping and customer service.

5) cost of the belt was $69.95 with free shipping !!!

6) I received emails from Eric which stated "Your belt is being made" and then the next day, "Your belt is being shipped!" WOW!!!

I strapped on my belt and fed it through the loops of my pants and put it through my Blackhawk Serpa. I slide my loaded 1911 into the holster and waited a couple of seconds then pulled my weapon fast and hard from both the hands at sides position and the surrender position. My 1911 came out like lightning and the holster and belt never rocked. No slack or give in the belt! I kept working the draw over adn over and the holster hugged my body and the belt never twisted or lifted. Absolutely fantastic!

My opinion? This is the belt to buy. Solid construction. very affordable with free shipping (at least at the time of this post) and good communication and customer service. A plus for me is that I am helping to support a business in my own state.

Can't wait to strap this on Saturday morning and run through the stages.

Thanks Eric and bullhidebelts.com


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