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Ghost Holster with CZ Matte Stainless


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I just bought another CZ Ghost Holster to go with my new CZ 75B Matte Stainless. I already have the same model for my Shadow, and the Shadow fits perfectly. I can get the CZ Stainless trigger to "click" into the holster, but I have to do it with a bit of carefully applied force. It's very easy to miss, and think the gun is secure when in actuality, releasing it would make it hit the ground. It's rather dangerous.

I noticed with my calipers that the CZ Stainless trigger was a bit wider in parts than the Shadow. The Shadow slides into both holsters much easier. Does anyone think that adjusting those mysterious white screws will help with making the CZ Stainless easier to holster? Or perhaps it just needs a bit a breaking in with its slightly different trigger profile?

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