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High Performance Digital Scale

Erik S.

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Wasn't sure if this should go in the "what I like" forum, but I knew singlestack would shut it down right away. :P:D (jk SS)

Back on point....THIS SCALE IS AWESOME!!!!!! Just wanted to give it a +1, A+, and whatever else might help future buyers take the plunge. I still like my Dillon Terminator scale, but this one can weigh heavier weights and has more versatility for non-reloading applications.

Anyway, i love it! Thanks Brian!

Has anyone else purchased one of these?

Note: read the instructions to calibrate (not zero) it first! Mine was off by 1gr out of the box according to 2 check weights I have. Calibration should only be needed upon initial setup. Don't just start reloading or you might be suprised at the range. :)

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