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TRP sight change


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My son just gave me a Dawson front .180 X .100 F/O sight. (Birthday)

Problem is that I really wanted to change the rear sight first, then consider the height/width requirements

for the front. I'm not sure about doing this in reverse.

The OEM sights are the Fixed tritium.

Rear sight is .375 X .125 notch,,, front is .180 X .120.

POI with the factory sights is directly behind the front dot. (obscured distant target)

I'd prefer POI to be at the top of the blade or "splitting the target" if that is possible given the front sight.

What rear sight will now work with this Dawson .180 front?

Is the Dawson - Novak "adjustable" the only option? or is there a fixed that will achieve the desired sight picture

I'm not sure about profile/appearance and strength of the Adj. rear sight.

I think I may have to go with the adj. rear sight or exchange the front once the rear is placed.


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