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In the past 10 days, we've gone from fairly ordinary spring flooding for a drained swamp to a historic flood pitting states and towns against each other, flooding areas that have never flooded before, and making sandbagging and evacuation a daily activity and topic of conversation. The Corps of Engineers and National Guard are on call with rescue boats, portable bridges, and emergency supplies. My home, office, and farm are in an area that will be subject to catastrophic flooding if there's a levee break anywhere within 30-40 miles, and the levees have never been tested at these levels. The town where my wife teaches will see the river within 6" of the top of the floodwall, and will likely have mandatory evacuations by Thursday or Friday.

We've moved equipment and records to high ground, and everyone has a bug out bag packed, but in the meantime, its a waiting game. If the levees hold, life will return to relatively normal an 10 days or so.

Needless to say, this has put a real crimp in my practice routine and preparations for the Single Stack Nats.

Anyone else dodging flood waters? Any from the Enosverse working with the COE or Nat Guard?

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