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Now that the cool show "The Walking Dead" is over for the season, it's hard to get our Zombie fix. Not to worry, in cooperation with the fine folks at Eagle 1 Law Enforcement Supply in Raleigh, NC. , we have come up with a way to get your Zombie fix AND get some good practice time in with your favorite handgun. This will be a match setting with some unique and challenging ways to keep the undead from taking over our fine City. Please come out and join us for the match and help set some standards for the classification system. Any USPSA/IDPA legal gun/holster/equipment setups will be legal. That's it for info for now, don't want to ruin the surprise. You WILL have some fun and meet some good people, and be part of something new. Hope to see you there !!! Next Wed. night at 5:00 PM will start registration and should be shootin' by 6:00.

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