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S&W 38 Super moonclips...GONE!


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I really like the S&W moonclips they offered for the 8-shot 627"s. They were made on a wire EDM machine, and had that neat little "slot" between each round.

Last week I ordered some parts from S&W, along with some more moonclips. At $7 apiece they're pricey, but I like how securely they hold each round, and don't require any special tools to load or unload.

What S&W sent me were TK customs style moonclips, even though the website clearly shows the now "old style" moonclips.

I returned them. I can get TK's for less that half S&W's asking price.



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I use the Ranch Products moonclips for $75 per 100. They work well for me with R-P brass and W-W nickel cases.

TonyT, thanks for the tip. I called Ranch Products, and they're sending me a sample moonclip along with their catalog :cheers:

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The only moonclips I purchase are those from Ranch Products. I have them in 38 Super & 38Spcial in 6 & 8 shot versions, 40 S&W in both the L & N framed versions and the 45 ACP version. Ranch Products provides great service at a very reasonable price.

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