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J Mann (USPSA Junior) Diary


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Hey Everyone.

My name is Josh Mann, I'm a 17-year-old junior shooter who just started shooting about 7 weeks ago from today.

I had never shot a handgun before a few months ago, and when some friends I know took me out and let me try their Glock 17 and 34 at a local range I didn't want put it down. About two weeks later I shot my first USPSA match, and the running and gunning aspect of the sport is so adictive. It is the most fun sport I have ever tried. I say this coming from the fact that I've played high school basketball, Varisty high school football, high school wrestling, rock climbing, and many other unique sports. But competitive shooting holds a category of it's own.

Anyway, I noticed other people posting these range diaries and requesting advice and tips from other shooters, and I thought it was a great idea. So I decided to start one of my own.

I will post video when it is available, whenever I can get ahold of some.

(Shooting a Glock 34 in Production)

I attended a Classifier match last Saturday at York Izzak Walton Gun Club, because I was unclassified and trying to get a classfication so the classifiers I shot at local matches would start to add up a bit more. First match with the new Dawson Fiber Optic Sights on my Glock, and it's my best match I've had yet. I placed 37th overall out of 67 shooters, and 8th in Production out of 26.

If I calculated my HF's and scores correctly, I believe I classified as a C-shooter. That's the classification I was aiming for going in, and skipping D class coming out of the gate would be great.

Last Sunday I also shot a local club match and was not very satisfied with my performance. My shots were off, and I got too many no shoots and mikes (ANY NSs or Ms is too many). I believe my focus was off, because the day before I was focused on my hits and the speed was just coming. Sunday I was focused on going fast, and the hits were off. So I know more how to think at matches now.

In two weeks I will be attending the VA/MD Sectional at Fredricksburg Rod and Gun Club. It is my first major match and I am incredibly excited for it.

I am planning on getting video from that match, so I will post those as soon as I can.


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