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Hats off for those who equip 3 gunners!

Calamity Jane

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OK...it's the day before the match. My bed is full of equipment. I'm hunting around looking for stuff...taking stuff off of other stuff so I can put my gear together for a 3 gun match tomorrow.

This wouldn't be so bad if I were preparing for just myself...but NO I'm also trying to equip my son so we can go shoot together. OH MY GOODNESS!!! I've got guns, bags, ammo, magazines...OMG!!!! I'm wearing myself out just getting ready to shoot! Boys, this is no pistol match preparation! It's 3 times the fun with 3 times the preparation!!!!! :surprise:

So my hat goes off to all those husbands...dads...and the few moms out there who take care of and provide the gear to participate in an awesome sport that uses a lot of stuff! Well done!! It truly is a pain in the XXX to get ready...but it is always worth it. Thank you for those who do it! Now that I'm walking in your shoes...I really appreciate you! Perhaps I should go tell my husband that and thank him for all the times he has prepared me to shoot pistols! ;)

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