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  1. mmmmm surely doing something wrong. will try again and if it does not work i will send to you thanks George for offering to help
  2. along with the dies came a shellplate, a powder die and a black case gauge.
  3. Wow I bought ancient dies I started buying Dillon in the 90s so I was not aware of the 80s equipment. I hope these are good. Seems well taken care of. Can’t tell if steel or carbide but I am assuming they are steel. not even sure why I bought them. I have been using lee dies for .223 forever with no issues
  4. Trying to post pics from my phone. Seems the files are too big
  5. I just had cornea cross link surgery 2 days ago and can’t hardly see out of my right eye but I just noticed there is writing on the dies I was mistaken
  6. I believe the SDB dies are unique to that platform as Inspector710 as mentioned. These look like regular dies, just black and they fit the 550
  7. Anyway to tell? So your are black as well?
  8. Hello New at posting here. Long time Dillon 550 owner. Just recently i purchased Dillon .223 dies off ebay and tge dies look good but they are black. I have never seen black Dillon dies. I belive maybe tgey were msase during the 450 era. They are not even stamped as dillons or for the caliber but other than that they look 100% Dillon. Does anyone have any knowledge of the old style dies? Just Curious. Also, how can i verify if carbide or steel? I am guessing they are steel Thanks in advance
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