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  1. Follow up question: When a shell gets loaded onto the lifter, how can I continue to top off the magazine? It seems like it’s locked once the shell is on the lifter. I’ve read mixed reports that it can or can’t be done. Can it? How? Thanks!
  2. You both may be right. My first time out with it and the gate was probably making me timid with my loading and not wanting to get my thumb pinched so I probably short-pushed it in. When I was deliberate with it more slowly it went away. Second question: does the Nordic Component +2 use the factory spring? thanks for all the help!
  3. Hi all I just bought a new Beretta 1301 Marine and made it to the range. First of all I love it. It ate 4 different types of ammo perfectly. No failures. My question is this: occasionally while loading rounds in the magazine, the last round I loaded will get thrown onto the lifter preventing me from loading the next round into the chamber. I thought I might be inadvertently hitting the button so I tried to be very careful about it. It seemed better but it also seemed that the movement of the lifter itself could trigger it? Do I just need to load it slowly each time? Is i
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