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  1. sorry for the delay in reply gents gun shoots factory ammo apparently without a problem (no, it's not my gun) the reloaded rounds fit into a gauge with no issues...the occasional one is snug but does enter fully and does seat within the limits the rounds he has me using are 200gr blue coated (not the US ones, these are north of the border ones) and "supposed" to be .401 tho i have seen discrepencies (up to .403) but they do all gauge regardless brass has been both western metals and atlanta arms (fully processed)...full sizing done regardless, LEE 3 die set, dillon 650 3.8gr of titegroup at 1.125 col thanx M
  2. lol, thanx motosapiens is there supposed to be an issue with loose ammo in cans? oops
  3. thanx for the input, never thought about it like a tube mag the grx will punch singles so i'm more relaxed about the concept now...cheers!! I've got two of the carbide sets, picked them up on the cheap i've got 1000+ of these I did up for someone...thought the gauge would let me know if they were going to work or not (go-nogo) live 'n learn lol, but ya, i'd rather try this first than breaking them all down
  4. hey all.. has anyone punched 40sw though either the lee bulge busted or the redding grx? they all fit thru a case gauge but won't fully land into an sti barrel it was suggested that I can run reloaded rounds thru either of the above and make things work, i'm leaning towards the grx over the lee as i'm not chasing a loaded primer with a second round (lol) thanx for any input M
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