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  1. Most probably, you will never read about this arbitration anywhere except here for a few reasons: 1. competition was IPSC 2. competition was regional level 2
  2. Gun was completly holstered. Not near, not inches from.. Competitor had his hand on the gun. He was not going to do any corrective action. Just buying time before the Beeeep.
  3. Here is the story. During a competition held last Friday, my colleague, the other RO on the stage, DQ`d a competitor. As I was on the far left side of the range, i could not see what has actually happened. so , here is the situation as it was described: following the LMR command, the competitor loaded a round into the chamber as required and then holstered the gun without engaging the guns`s safety. The RO called for a DQ under the competitor, appealed for an arbitration. During the arbitration , the competitor claimed that his hand was still on the gun while he was DQ`d. as per his undersatnding, he did not finish the LMR stage, therefore the QD was uncalled for. following some deliberation, the shooter was returned to the competition. I read the rule book again and again and could not find any relation between the safety violation and the position of the hand. as i understand, once you holster a loaded gun without engaging the primary safety, you have earned your DQ regardless of your hand being on or of the gun. please let me know what you think. Ronnie
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