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  1. DK, as I said, my Google Fu is not the strongest, so I'm sure your trigger is not the only one I have overlooked. How does yours compare to those that I specified?
  2. Hi all! I'm looking for a bit of insight on the following triggers for my Gen 5 G17 MOS. Perhaps my google-fu is lacking, but I haven't been able to find much in terms of advice and reviews, at least in terms of a direct comparison of the Gen 5 models specifically. Above all else, I am looking for a crisp break, and reduced pre-travel. Anyhow, I am trying to decide between the following triggers: 1) HSP Skimmer Gen 5 2) Gen 5 Pyramid Ultimate Flat Face Trigger 3) Vanek Gen 5 Classic 4) Vanek Gen 5 GSSF/Master Thanks for your insight!
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