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  1. Thanks for the help, all. Looks like I'll just plunk down to find my OAL for this projectile profile, then work the load back up from 8gr or so.
  2. No problem hitting major using RNs loaded to 1.17. 8.7-9gr.
  3. Trying to work up a 9mm major load w/ 3N38 and RMR's 124gr TCFP pills. My usual 1.17 OAL for RNs doesn't work, of course, but what should I be using for these? I need to run ~9gr of powder to make major for my comp, but at what point am I compressing the powder *too* much? Can I run these at something like 1.10? Or less? Is there a RN-to-FP OAL rule of thumb or conversion table?
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