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  1. thanks for the help, all. consider this solved. I was able to email most of the popular manufacturers (including Trijicon) and get direct prints from there. I can't share them, but if anyone else comes across this issue, just email your request to the companies and they should help out.
  2. Those show the size of the hole, on the sight itself, but don't show the thread for the screw. Pretty sure many of them use different thread pitches, depths, etc. For example, I'm pretty sure the RMSc will use metric threaded screws while the RMR will use SAE. Unless some don't ship with screws at all? Pretty sure my RMR came with a set.
  3. That's awesome! But there's no drill/tap size for each. Any idea where I'd find those?
  4. Does anyone here know where one can get good prints for making some programs for slide milling? I could work from measurements I take from my own RDS, but I'd trust prints from the manufacturer or others than are running them successfully more than my own metrology skills. Also, it would be nice to be able to do cuts for sights I don't own. I've emailed Shield and Trijicon and am awaiting reply from them, but do most manufacturers provide prints for their products, or are there any floating around on the web for them?
  5. Thanks for the help, all. Looks like I'll just plunk down to find my OAL for this projectile profile, then work the load back up from 8gr or so.
  6. No problem hitting major using RNs loaded to 1.17. 8.7-9gr.
  7. Trying to work up a 9mm major load w/ 3N38 and RMR's 124gr TCFP pills. My usual 1.17 OAL for RNs doesn't work, of course, but what should I be using for these? I need to run ~9gr of powder to make major for my comp, but at what point am I compressing the powder *too* much? Can I run these at something like 1.10? Or less? Is there a RN-to-FP OAL rule of thumb or conversion table?
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