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  1. Im shooting standard pressure 180 grain ammo cant get much less than that in the 40 caliber. I highly doubt that both of us are having the same exact issue with trigger control causing the gun to shoot the same place
  2. I cant shoot the gun left handed already tried shots are all over the place. Ill probably take it to the range and have them look it over. Im just getting really frustrated i can shoot his 19 great and every other handgun ive shot. This is my first full size glock and first 40 wonder if that could be an issue
  3. I didn't realize it had an adjustable rear sight until after i bought it, i do love my cousins sights on his model 19 they're the standard fixed sights and they are great. Can't add picture its too big
  4. When i get home I'll take pictures from the rear looking down the sights and also from above
  5. Ive tried some wwb hollow points and blazer brass 180 grain. Would a different brand/size make a big difference. And no i haven't shot from a rest or anything all my shooting so far has been done standing with feet roughly shoulder width apart. Im still experimenting with the stance and grip to see what's most comfortable. So far 3 people have shot it and it shoots the same way for all of us so i highly doubt we are all making mistakes. Especially when one of them shooting was a marine corps mp
  6. Alright I'll talk to the gunstore and see if they can drift it for me. If not then ill just aim farther right
  7. I have the factory adjustable rear sight the windage screw won't turn more than about a quarter turn and it doesnt look as if the sight is moving. Im about ready to just start aiming to the right of where i want my rounds to hit
  8. His glock is stock from the factory. Im absolutely lost how we can both shoot his model 19 great but then my 22 i can aim at the center but bullets hit roughly 6 inches left of center all pretty close to each other. I can put about 10 rounds in an area bout as big around as the typical coffee cup. Any advice would be appreciated, my grip is currently a thumbs forward grip and when practicing dry firing the front sight does not move at all
  9. I am a fairly new shooter, i have shot my cousins glock 19 and was really accurate able to hit a coffee can on most shots from 15 yards. Anyways i bought an used glock 22 because it was at too good a price to pass up. I am getting really good groups just way left of point of aim. Its not just me my cousin has taken his model 19 and shot directly to point of aim, then shot my model 22 aiming for the same place and it hits about 5 inches left. My gun has the oem adjustable rear sight, white outline on adjustable base and the windage screw won't turn hardly any.
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