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  1. I started to dive down the Atlas rabbit hole and was really starting to consider the Titan. Adam seems like a solid guy and I have yet to hear anything bad about his pistols! I'm sure you'll love it! I'd like to make that upgrade someday, I need to work on improving myself long before that'll be beneficial.
  2. Good to hear! I have a NERD Pistol Coffin waiting to be used with it. If I could just get back to shoot it all soon...
  3. I found a deal on a nice used DVC 3 Gun with 1,000 rounds through it that I couldn't pass up. Now I'm just waiting to try it out, hopefully it's the bees knees!
  4. Thanks for the insight here. I'm digging into more options now. -I hadn't heard of Warwick before- their stuff is nice! -The Brazos Edge seems almost perfect, but it doesn't have a rail! I just imagine a scenario where I want to shoot a night match and have to go back to my Xdm to have a light, it seems like going back to well whiskey after sipping on a nice single malt. If there was a Brazos Marauder that would be the ticket. If I found a deal on a used one in 9mm I'd still do it I think. At the moment I think I'm leaning towards the Marauder, followe
  5. Hi all, I'm getting ready to jump into a 2011 pistol. I've been shooting a stock XDm 9mm and although I don't think it's holding me back I'd like to get into a higher end/performance 9mm pistol. I've been doing lots of research and keep hearing that I should jump past that middle ground of dumping lots of money into my current pistol or buying a "next step" pistol like a CZ and just go for a 2011. It will primarily be used for 3 gun and occasionally some steel challenge. I don't have the coin for a full custom 2011 yet and that's been pushing me towards the different STI's. P
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