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  1. I found that the spring kits that come with them can be trimmed in case I put them in a smaller magazine which was my actual concern. i probably didn’t make that clear sorry.
  2. I’m debating buying a P10c or P07 soonish for carry but I’d like to run it in USPSA limited for fun/practice. i found these extended base plates from Springer for p07/P09 magazines but their product page doesn’t say which magazine they are for. I assume the 17 round p09 magazine? https://shop.springerprecision.com/product.sc?productId=381&categoryId=95 Will that mag extension and a p09 17 round mag work in a p07 or P10c?
  3. Thinking about it I suppose I’d also run the risk of my pinky preventing the mag from dropping free. i think that both problems could be handled with proper design as the “tab” on the baseplate doesn’t have to sit flush with the frame. Just prevent my pinky from hooking into it.
  4. The magazine cut out on gen 5 glocks bothers me, especially on the 19 frame. i can get base plates that fill the cut out, https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1006081487/pearce-grip-enhancer-magazine-base-pad-glock-compact-full-size but are these production legal? if so could I 3d print my own? could I cut some peice of rubber or plastic and glue it to a regular base plate that did the same thing?
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