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  1. Anyone have experience with a double pistol mag pouch that attaches with the paddle feature instead of a complete lock onto your belt?
  2. That gives me a good idea and starting point. Thanks. Does the ELS system only accept safariland gear? Or are there other mag pouches and holsters and stuff from other manufactures that will attach to the ELS belt?
  3. Thanks for all the feedback. Gonna check it all out.
  4. Still new to Multigun and my next step is setting up a rig. Pistol and AR mag pouches are the next most important gear for me. I'm shooting a Glock 19. And I'm a skinny guy. About a 33 inch waist (less real estate to work with). What recommendations do y'all have? Brand? Single vs. double. Is one more comfortable/lighter/adaptable for a small waist? And I already have a Velcro under belt. I'm thinking about just starting out with gear that will latch on to that and maybe upgrading to a safariland ELS belt system further down the road. I borrowed a buddies bladetech double mag pouch and liked it good enough. But I'm thinking 3 mag pouches would be better. Don't have a shotgun yet so I'm shooting 2 gun which means a lot more pistol shooting.
  5. Hello from Dallas. Good to have ya back. I'm brand new to the sport with only two local matches under my belt. Need to figure out what kind of mag pouches (pistol and AR) and holster to buy. Shooting G19. Cant wait for the next match. Where have you found good matches in Texas? Preferably Multigun.
  6. Thanks everyone for the advice. My dad and I had a blast at the North Texas Multigun match at Triple C Range. Now I know what gear I'm lacking. But can't buy it all yet. Ill start with pistol and AR mags and a holster for G19. Anyone have some recommendations?
  7. Interesting. Have not considered a 1-4. Appreciate that.
  8. I hear 3 gun matches could have targets out to 500 yards. But I was told by a pro that a 1 to 6 power scope is popular for 3 gun and should cover a wide variety of distances. Any favorite brands or models y'all would recommend that aren't outrageously priced?
  9. Wow! Thanks for the quick replies and great advice. This is also the first forum I've ever used. I like that idea of holding off on the spending and getting some experience first. I may be at a disadvantage for my first few matches but that's okay. Should still be fun. I did one beginner 2 gun match with rifle and pistol at Total Shooting Sports last month. I enjoyed that so I'll look for those matches for now. Maybe I can borrow my dads semi auto shotgun for my first 3 gun match. I think there are two items I really do need soon. An optic for my AR and AR mag pouch. Any suggestions?? I only have magpul pop up sights on my S&W M&P 15 Sport. I already have a rigid Velcro belt that meant as an under belt to attach a police duty belt to. Any AR mag pouches that could just slide on or clip onto that?
  10. Hey everyone, So I got super lucky and won a spot in a 3 gun training camp with top professional as coaches. And now I'm hooked and want to pursue the shooting sports. Right now I am more interested in 3 gun rather than just one weapon platform but I'm not opposed to pistol or rifle. Not that interested in shotgun only. I live in the Dallas / Ft. Worth, Texas area. I don't have much money to invest in all this right now but I still want to get started with what I currently have. And I want to keep the momentum from the training camp before I forget what I learned. Any advice for local matches in my area or neighboring states of Texas? For someone who cannot devote a lot of time and money right now, what's gonna be the best bang for my buck and the best use of my time to get into this sport and grow as a shooter quickly? Thanks
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