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  1. I just shot a box of Federal 180 Grain JHP( which I happened to have at home) through my brand new STI DVC Limited Island Barrel .40cal knowing that the firearm being new needed lube since the tolerances are tight i lubed it prior to firing which may have been my self induced problem.which i suspect i had three failure to fires from double feeds during the first 50 rd box when it fired it was incredibly accurate i know a lot of people here probably reload which at present i dont seem to have the time to do so barring that any recommendation on different factory ammo which is reliable in this firearm for USPSA Limited Competition or do i need to send it out to get worked on? I value any suggestions you may have and realize i may have cause the problem by over lubing Thank You in advance Mike
  2. Nope but I now have a Kimber Im going sell which has one on it LOL
  3. Problem Solved I just Bought a 2011...Thanks for all the feed back I appreciate it
  4. Am I correct that I have to remove my mag well on my Glock 19 RMR in order to compete in Carry Optics?
  5. I has thinking about trying SS and the only 1911 i presently have is a commander size (4in) Kimber Covert II which has a red crimson trace Laser built in from the factory the laser has an on off - if i leave it off is it legal to compete with?
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