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  1. Better than PBR? That's a large selection! So....this is what I went with. It looks like it sits lower than the egw mount, and well... Arrendondo had their mount in stock! It right pisses me off that I have spent literally months looking for a mount that I didn't have to have custom made, and I found 2 within hours of posting on here, looking for help. Oh well. If anyone is interested, I'll post how the Arrendondo mount works out when I get it. Thank you for the replies!
  2. I was trying to not get a machine shop involved. That turns a ~$50 mount into $150 real fast! (I wish I knew a machinist!) Any problems with keeping a cheek weld with the height of the dot? Probably have to get something to raise the comb up a bit to make it comfortable, huh?
  3. Thank you for the reply The Donald... I know Jerry was a machinist before he got to be famous. He used to do all of his own porting (Before the magnaport sponsor lol). Anyway... Actually, I think I found one that might work!! Found the EGW site link in another thread http://www.egwguns.com/pistol-and-red-dot-mounts/universal-viper/venom-.670-radius-sight-mount-fits-burris-fastfire-and-docter/
  4. Hey all, As the title would suggest, I'm looking for the vortex mount that Jerry seems to use on his open 930. I see the Or3gun makes one, but damn, that thing is like 1/2" above the receiver. Jerry's sits really low. In his older videos, you can see the (trijicon) dot sits up on the barrel (Watch the "quick shotgun reloading" video). In the newer videos, the Vortex sits up on the receiver, it appears to screw to the mounting holes already on the 930. I'd settle for either one...I'm just trying to set the dot as low as possible!! Thank you!
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