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  1. On 3/27/2019 at 3:24 AM, ziebart said:



    I had a lot of issues with the mags falling out and feeding. Eventually CMMG sent me a new mag catch. It might help your issues, but I didn't have any double feeds.


    I am using 124 Berry's RN at 1.10 COAL and 3.2 gr titegroup. Seems to be working with stock components but we will see. 


    Which weight do you have in the bolt carrier, and what kind of buffer/spring setup are you running?

  2. Sorry to revive an old thread but I've recently been trying to get my guard tuned for uspsa pcc.  It's a home built guard using the 16inch barrel bolt combo, cmmg clearanced upper, and guard lower with a cmc pcc trigger. 


     Im currently running the 2oz carrier weight along with a Tubbs flat wire spring.  I've shot a total of probably 3000 rounds through the guard total. The first 1500 were all factory Blazer brass but once I got the extended mags from taylor freelance (goliath) and the mega from mbx, the rounds wouldnt feed reliably at all.  Turned out those rounds were too long oal.  Switched to Remington umc and it's been fine for the last 1500 rounds.


    Ive got a bit more time now so I started trying to get some good handloads for it, so I tried some 124g berrys bullets with 3.1g titegroup. I ran a match last weekend and had a double feed on nearly every stage with the handloads.  In doing research on the best handloads people are using for PCC I went down the rabbit hole reading about the different buffer systems people are using for pccs. 

    Is there any consensus on the best buffer and spring combos to use with the guard? Since the guard uses a standard length buffer which ones are not compatible (without going to an a5 tube)? List which buffer system you like and what your load is please

  3. If you plan on getting mag extensions, especially the taylor freelance goliath, the factory ammo you use will have to be on the short side.  I have a ton of the blazer stuff but its oal is too long for the mag extensions I have, so it doesnt feed reliably in my cmmg guard.  I bought the bolt, barrel, upper and lower all for the guard so it's technically a Franken guard but it's basically all cmmg parts except the handguard,trigger,and stock.

    I hand load for the guard now but the only factory ammo I could get to feed reliably with those mag extensions was Remington umc.

    Also to add to your decision on which gun to get.  My guard running factory ammo vs a friends blowback ar9 running taccom bolt/barrel, and taccom buffer also using factory ammo are very similar in recoil/sight movement.  He initially had some issues with the ejector but since getting it tuned properly his gun has actually been more reliable than my guard for significantly less cost overall. 

  4. 1 hour ago, 1981Shooter said:

    I'm not opposed to getting CO guns into a division somewhere at all.  I have several Glocks with RMR's on them, including my EDC G19.  I've never used them in 3 gun because it puts me in Open and I don't feel I'd be competitive in that division with my rifle and shotgun.  I also don't feel that it would give me much of an advantage in TacOps or Limited either though, with the exception of longer pistol shots.


    With that said, I see a lot of irony in the people saying, "Carry Optics pistols shouldn't be in the Tactical Optics division, they should be in a more Tactical division that allows optics".  If anything, I think CO pistols should be rolled in TO.  I guarantee that the top shooters will still smoke me with iron sight pistols, but allowing them in a class where someone new could be somewhat competitive has the probability of getting more people into the sport.


    What's the real difference between Limited and TO in most rule sets anyways?  It's just a dot vs a scope on the rifle and sometimes the shotgun is limited to holding a max of 8+1.  No difference between the pistols at all, so why not allow a tactical style pistol optic in the TACTICAL OPTICS division.  Although that might lead to people arguing for shotgun optics in TO as well, which will make some heads explode.  It's really funny how polarizing this topic has been, but you're always going to have people that are extremely opposed to change of any type.  All sports have to evolve with the times or they become stagnant and lose favor.  I'm not saying that not adopting CO will make that happen to 3 gun, but don't just draw a line in the sand and refuse to ever move.  Eventually the tide will win.

    Haha - funny you said the same thing I did at the same time I was typing my response.  You just said it better and more concisely than I did :) 

  5. Red dots on pistols is happening - like it or not it is the future of defensive pistols just like quality red dots or 1-X scopes are now on rifles.  This is of course the root of this discussion but look at where rifles were 10-15 years ago - pretty much the same place pistols with red dots are now. 


    Disclaimer - I've only been shooting 3 gun for about 3 years and I don't shoot USPSA or IPSC, etc.  I've never shot a "major" match - just local stuff about 4 times a month when there's no snow on the ground.  The local matches around me mostly follow the 3GN rules/divisions.  The 3 "main" divisions (I say "main" because the number of shooters I've seen in the other divisions in my 3 years TOTAL can be counted on one or maybe two hands) are Open (Unlimited), TacOps (Practical), and Limited (Factory) - we don't really care about the others for this discussion since they are a statistically insignificant amount of shooters. 


    We all know there's essentially no limits in Open so there are significant advantages to be had with the equipment.  Mag fed shotguns, etc. A poor (less skilled) open shooter can get beat by good TacOps or Limited shooters, but a decent Open shooter will beat most TacOps/Limited shooters most the time.  Obviously there are exceptional Limited and TacOps guys that can beat average Open guys, etc. but generally speaking Open will be significantly faster than the other two popular divisions.


    The main difference between the other two popular divisions Limited and TacOps are the 1-X magnified scope in TacOps while Limited shooters almost all run a 1x red dot or prism scope, and there's usually a slight difference in the amount of rounds Limited folks can have in their guns at any time (15 in the pistol, 30 in the rifle) while the TacOps guys are usually running a 20ish round pistol mag and maybe 1 or 2 more rounds in the shotgun with a 30-40 round rifle mag.  Details may vary slightly based on your locale and match directors/ruleset.  The local matches around here are almost all shorter bays less than 100 yards -  I've shot with both regular red dots and 1-4 and 1-6x scopes and honestly the magnified optic is honestly not a huge advantage at the shorter ranges.  On the real close hoser stuff the regular red dot is actually an advantage since there's no eye relief to worry about (but that is another discussion altogether).  Essentially the difference for me between Limited and TacOps is negligible MOST the time.  There were a match or two here and there where there were 300-400 yard targets and the 1-6x really helped a lot and would have been significantly slower than a regular red dot - but typically the differences are not huge and certainly not as significant as between Open and Limited/TacOps.


    I've always wanted an excuse to put a red dot on a pistol and my G34 MOS I was running for the last year or so in 3 gun really wanted me to put a red dot on it, so I've said many times that the Tactical OPTICS division should allow slide mounted "optics" on the pistol.  If people don't want to compete against a pistol with an OPTIC on it, they could run in the non-optic division known as Limited (Factory).  The other differences are not really that great are they?  

  6. The jogging strollers are the most common, but the one I've got doesn't fold very small. I've got a kid right now and there's no way that jogging stroller would fit in the trunk of my car with a couple gun cases and bags/boxes of ammo.

    Has anyone tried a folding game cart like this one http://www.sportsmansguide.com/product/index/guide-gear-aluminum-deer-cart?a=1583103 They're cheap, it seems like it folds nice and flat, and it seems like it's built to carry enough weight.

    Another idea people tossed around was a folding muck cart http://www.ruralking.com/agriculture/livestock/horse-supplies/horse-handling-tack-supplies/tuff-stuff-folding-muck-cart-th300.html

    I don't have a truck, so the fold-ability would be key for me. I've also only been to 1 match and wasn't paying attention to what other people were using...

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