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  1. I found that shooting glock 34's well just takes a realization that you control the gun. Using good grip trchnique is crucial, but somis thenattitude that this is YOUR gun and you gotta make it your bi7ch
  2. Here is a problem I've had since I started shooting Steel Challenge and USPSA about a year ago: I can shoot with one eye open just fine and I do pretty well with just one eye. In the last year I've won a few collegiate titles in SPP and SSC. My scores at local USPSA matches are getting better every month which leads me to believe that I'm doing something right in my overall shooting regimen. The issue at hand is fairly simple - I know that to really take off in this game I have to start shooting with both eyes open. When I open my left eye (both eyes open), things get a little weird. If I stare at the front sight, I see two rear sights and two targets. This makes transitions rather nauseating. My coach seems to think there is something funky with my eyes. It seems like the left and right eyes are constantly struggling for dominance. On Saturday I shot some steel at was able to go pretty fast by looking at the target and allowing my sight pictures to be fuzzy. This will only work so well for me going forward. Dryfire and eye exercises may be helping but I want to know if anyone else has these "fighting eyes" or is it something I have to live with? Help? Here's some other misc. but helpful info about my shooting: I'm right handed/right eye dominant I use a green fiber front sight and blacked out rear I wear contact lenses, but they correct my eyesight to 20/20
  3. I was shooting my first match with my new gen 4 glock 34 this weekend and I found out the day before the match that I was having trouble with the mag catch. Compared with the gen 3 extended catches, the factory gen 4's come with a MUCH more low profile design. I've read the rule book, but I've only been shooting USPSA for about a year so I'm curious what y'all think about options for a "more extended" gen 4 mag catch would be. Worst case, I just dryfire more, but I liked be able to access the button without ajusting my grip (like i did on the gen 3s). Anyone know of a production legal solution? -kcaff
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