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  1. Thanks for everything guys. I'm gonna go with extreme RN as well as FP and see how they compare. I'll post results in a few weeks
  2. That's kind of what I was thinking. But I've seen a lot of good reviews on rainier's quality/accuracy so I'll just have to make up my mind and pull the trigger ?
  3. Thanks. I dont know why i skipped over these. Any reason for RN over HP?
  4. Ive searched and read plenty. I know there is always a new thread asking similar questions and thats how i got to where i am now. I've narrowed down my choices to a few but im new to the 1911 and need help making a decision. I want a 230gr plated bullet for my Springfield TRP 5" barrel. I might try 200gr later but for now im gonna stick with 230gr. Also I understand many people like to shoot lead but i cant so here are the choices im considering. I havent found a 230gr plated SWC. Prices listed are really an issue; i just pasted what i had typed up in my notes. I most likely wont be competed with this load but i practice with intent so its all the same to me. If it matters, I'll be using VV N320 and LPP's Thanks for any opinions Powerbond -230 FP $125 -230 RN $130 -230 HP $133 Xtreme -225 FP $115 -230 RN $120 -230 HP $130 Berry's -230 RN $145 EDIT: Rainier -230 RN $120 -230 HP $136 EDIT#2: I'll be using Redding Comp Pro dies
  5. Thanks for sharing practical. To clarify I' m not considering getting the bushing die; maybe a micro seater. But you have sent me in the right direction so I'll research collet & semiauto to make a decision to add it later. I was able to find a redding deluxe 3 die set for a great price on another forum last night. It's a FL sizer, neck sizer, and a seater. Does this mean I can size the neck in the FL sizer or do it in the neck sizer separately? Or sell the neck sizer? http://www.midwayusa.com/product/307180/redding-deluxe-3-die-set-223-remington
  6. This may be exactly what I need to hear. I'm a buy once, cry once kind of guy and sometimes talk myself into buying more than I need. I can afford my own trial and error so I get bogged down reading about things like the crimp/no crimp debate, or crimp during or after seating. The standard redding die set is only $30(or $40 set with FL die) but crimps while seating but the Forster standard die doesn't crimp and costs $52. Also I'm not also certain of each writer's goal for shooting. Here's what I'm working with and what I'd like to do with it: 1:8 18" 223 wylde rifle length with adjustable gas, and a lightweight BCG. Hornady 55gr SP closed base with Ramshot Tac, mixed brass. 1-6x glass. The only benchcrest competing that I'll be doing is with friends but I wouldn't mind showing out a little because no one has a precision 223. Shooting slower can be fun with friends and saves money. I like to go fast too... I might shoot a few 3gun matches this year but next year I'm hoping to compete a full season. Our local 3gun match usually has a 500yd target if that matters. My main concern is regretting a decision that costs me money. Financial stability is getting closer but right now, not so much. Lee what's your 223 reloading process and with which dies?
  7. Thanks. Do you know if the Reding body die is just a regular full length die or is the neck honed out some? It seems like if honing out the neck was worth doing, then some mfg's would be selling it.
  8. Can someone help me understand the statement in the picture below about having the neck of a Forster body die honed out to .245? Is this done just so the FL die won't touch the resized neck? Why would someone do this rather than buy a redding body die for $30 http://www.midwayusa.com/product/401556/redding-body-die-223-remington?cm_vc=ProductFinding Or maybe I'm way off so thank you in advance for any help. I've been researching for months while preparing to reload 223 on my xl650 but rifle ammo is so much more complicated than pistol. I get lost in all sorts of technical details while trying to find an answer mor a simple question. This is what I'm thinking for dies. I'd like to get - Lee collet neck sizing die - Redding or Forster body die - Redding or Forster competition or standard seating die - Separate taper crimp die?
  9. Do you have/know about the 14rd rami mags?
  10. Ok so I started measuring everything and have some results. Stock cz75 barrel length from the breech face is 114mm(4.488in), and on the Aussie is 119mm(4.685in). These are the same numbers in my manual and in cz's website specs The article on cz's says 120mm(4.724in) and 125mm(4.921in) respectively. When I include the feed ramp in my measurements I get 119.62mm and 124.60mm respectively.
  11. Yes I did. I got rid of my glock 26 and I'm much happier with the rami
  12. Whoops you're right i wish it was 5.25. Lol. Maybe I was thinking about the glock 34 or the Springfield xdm.
  13. Also all of my cz75 factory and mec-gar mags operate in the rami flawlessly. And I highly recommend installing a rami slide stop on any compact or full sized cz 75
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