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  1. No Sir, All I got was a manual that looks like the standard STI material, a lock, the original front site, and three pieces fiber optic in both boxes. As far as break in too late now lol I just shot 50 or so rounds thru it then broke it down wiped it off ran a brush thru the barrel oiled it up and shot some more. Maintenance is another issue, I'd like to know exactly what to do instead of what I normally do with my guns so these keep running. Not gonna lie I'm not comfortable taking this down any further that the standard field strip since I've never done it before but I have a competant gunsmith I'll take it to for a proper cleaning if need be. Once again thank you for an amazing product.
  2. WOW Just picked up both of my High Performance Edges from the dealer on Tuesday but didn't get a chance till Sunday to shoot them. First up the 9mm I can't say enough it shoots like a laser and feels amazing in my hand when I say this thing is lights out, it's ABSOLUTELY AMAZING it's the wifes gun I should have ordered the 9 instead of the forty. Did I mention AMAZING? She put close to 500 rounds thru it, she just wouldn't put it down, and when she did it was to pick up my gun. I think she likes it a lot. LOL. On to the .40 the trigger is smooth as ice and breaks like the proverbial glass rod. no take up no slop nothing it's litterally on/off the only complaint I have that's not really a complaint but actually a good thing really, it forces me to have a perfect grip on the gun so I'm having to learn how to shoot all over again so that can't be bad can it. The grip seems to be just about a 1/4 or less inch too short and the most natural grip on it is uncomfortable with the magwell there so that may come off down the road or I'll keep chugging along and just work on my grip (this seems to make the most sense to me) I like what came in the box: A manual from STI, The original front site, the take down tool, three pieces of extra fiber optic, and a lock. that was it. Perfect, no stickers no ads nothing else. (I hate Fluff) now the bad stuff. Bob, you have created a monster the wife can't wait for the Perfect 10 to come in and has already laid claim to it so that kinda makes me a little mad, the worst part, she's debating which guns in the safe need to go so she can make room for another EDGE and an SC 6" gun. So much for the new bolt rifle I was looking at lol....or maybe I can talk her in to letting me get the BCG Pro SX. Amazing pistols needless to say, thank you for such an awesome product. Add two more satisfied customers to the list. I'll be scraping the money together for another one or two down the road.
  3. Wanted to add thank you for the help on all this I'm a total noob on a lot of this been shooting all my life just mostly shotgun and long gun. This will a whole new area for me and it will be a little bit before I can go out and take the training classes I want and maybe even try a match or two.
  4. I can't wait to get my grubby little paws on these pistols. Thanks PTK makes sense when put that way (never had a "custom" built gun always off the rack) Thanks Jack you just made the 21st seem like a lifetime away now. LoL. Anything special I need to do before shooting them besides strip them down and oil them up? Are they similar to an AR and need to be run "wet"? Last 1911 I had (Sign Tac-Ops) had a real fine line between wet/dry run/wouldnt run.
  5. I'm new to the forums but just ordered three pistols from Brazo's (two high performance edge one in .9mm one in .40S&W) and the STI Perfect ten.) and if half of what I'm reading one this forum and a couple others is true I can't wait to get my hands on these pistols. My question is what all is done to the Edge for the high performance upgrade? I know what's listed on the site but was wondering what else goes in to it?
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