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  1. My eyes are getting tired at my age doing the tactical shotgun matches. I did place 6 out of 20 today, kind of proud of that. But, I think I can do better if I had a red dot. I moved up a little in my Pistol matches when I installed a Trijicon RMR 6 MOA on my Glock 34. Any one installed a red dot on a NF? And will it installed on the NF railing? Thanks, John
  2. WOW I did an experiment on the last 9mm batch. I cleaned for 1 hr and it made a big difference, cases did not stick to the powder funnel. So I guess you can actually clean your cases too much! I didn't see that one coming I'm cleaning a batch of .40 cal today. I will eliminate the pins and clean for 30min, put in oven at 170 for 10 min. And load. I will get back with you and let you know how it went. Thanks, John
  3. I have a buddy at the range that does the same thing (Dawn & Lemishine).. I'll give it a try and eliminate the pins. Thanks
  4. Thanks guys, I will resize & decap, then clean for 1 hour instead of 2 hrs. And go from there.
  5. I have been reloading now for nearly 7 yrs. One thing I have recently changed to my process, is cleaning the cases with steal media, water, dish soap instead of walnut shells. I have been noticing with my 9mm loading that the case is sticking to the powder funnel on the up stroke.(releasing) I have read the troubleshooting in the XL650 manual about this issue. Has anyone come across of this issue? I don't think the powder funnel is worn, I do clean the cases for 2 hrs. Thanks, John
  6. Thanks guys, I think I'm going to try Dirtchevy's method. Buying an extra tool head for $22 and put the size&decap die in it. Then I wouldn't have to go to my single press. The dillon trimmer is a little to steep for me. I'll stay with the Girauld. Thanks
  7. Thanks for the info guys. Yes, I forgot to mention what caliber. .223 I was more interested about what to do on my dillon 650 tool head. I have decided to remove the size&decap die, but do I need to replace that position with something else? Thanks, John
  8. I accomplish all my case prepping on my RCBS rock chucker, (size & decap) after lubbing. Then trim with Giraud, then tumble with Thumler's Tumbler steel media. After drying, I mark them with red magic marker on the face of the rim. Then I dump them in my 650, and they go through another size & decap die. Two Questions: 1) sometimes the magic marker material gets in the primer pocket. Someone told me at the range that wasn't good, I am contaminating the pocket. But I have been marking my brass for a couple years with that method, no issues? 2) should I remove the dillon's size & decap die, and just have that spot empty or replace it with something else? If leaving the die there, do I need to relube again before dumping brass in dillon? Thanks guys, John
  9. yes it is a 7" free float hand guard. I'm going to keep the hand guard, just want to get rid of the front sight. But I will keep it for the gas block. Thanks, John
  10. I'm going to cut my A2 site to a low profile gas block. But this rifle has a welded flash suppressor. So I guess I'm going to cut this with barrel attached. ANY SUGGESTIONS? Thanks, John
  11. Bought the last clip from MidwayUSA, put the second clip on back order. Thanks again. John
  12. There out of stock for right now, but I will put two on back order. Thanks Guncat for the info. Great Forum John
  13. I also found the same topic awhile back after researching. I have a FNH SLP MK1 12GA that I use for my tactical shotgun matches. But I think this pin that is removing while Im shooting is the bolt release link pin. My question: How do you reinstall this pin, I have pushed it back in but no staying. Does it have a safety pin (cotter pin)? I have tried to post couple of pictures. Thank you, John
  14. Because of coast of ammo, my gun club has started an 2-gun action rimfire match once a month. I'm already involved in the pistol and carbine matches. But don't own a .22 cal. weapon. My Question, what is the most common.22 LR pistol and rifle being used for an action match? thanks, John
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