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  1. I would only be required to shoot the first 2 ranges to qualify and they said the long range is rarely qualified with pistol. I think I'm heading out on Tuesday to shoot the 50 and Wednesday on the 100. Hopefully those will go smooth.
  2. Absolutely blown away by this selfless gesture. Alan, you sir are a good and rare soul. I would throw my hat in the ring but I was able to purchase a few from J&R last week and am expecting them any day. and may good things come your way!
  3. I have to qualify at an outdoor range and to do so, I need to make 50 meter, 100 meter, and 200 meter shots putting lead on paper 18x24. I'm shooting my an AR with .223 and my 9mm Springfield XDm. I've done most of my shooting at indoor ranges (about 50 ft) and some USPSA shooting but rarely at this distance. I'm,not overly concerned witht the 50 meter range but what kind of (if any) sighting changes should I make at the other ranges shooting a 9mm handgun? Sounds stupid but I only get ten shots with each gun and need to hit 5 out of ten. Really don't feel like having to make the trip again to get qualified.
  4. Great info all. I appreciate your welcoming a newbie into the 3G world.
  5. So now that I've made the plunge into purchasing a rifle. Of course I had to take it apart. I've been watching a lot of Youtube videos and I'm seeing a lot of mixed info on lubing. One guy who I found very informative said the only thing that needs to be lubed are the contact points on the carrier. It seems to me that I would want to at least lube the bolt. I know it's a rookie question but...I'm a rifle rookie. Thanks
  6. I've been living on youtube videos for the past week. It really looks pretty easy so I'll be building my competition gun in the near future.
  7. So after all of your great input, I ended up buying an AR at the cun show this past weekend. More set up for tactical but will get me shooting sooner than later. I do plan on rebuilding this or building another from scratch but I'll call this my entry level. So much informtaion in this forum I need to take it all in. I was really looking for the Colt or Stag but got a pretty good deal on this sooo..Thanks all! Mine is all black and I paid less than $900 for it so that leaves me some room for a scope.
  8. Pretty nice. I'm getting ready to take the plunge into 3Gun. Thanks for the info.
  9. Nice, just curious, what did this cost to put together?
  10. Thanks gang, I wish I could say I have the know how to build a rifle but I really don't. I'ma handgun guy, been shooting USPSA for a while and love it. How many rounds can I expect to get out of a competiton rifle before having to do repairs and replace parts? I currently shoot a production pistol SA XDm 5.25. What classification would that work in in 3G? I've been looking at the Stag 3G, looks pretty good for the money out of the box.
  11. I've been watching 3 gun online for a while and getting ready to jump in. My problem is I have no rifle. Is there a good competition competition rilfe that could also be used for hunting or home defense? I'm just trying to spend money once but the primary use would be for 3 gun. I notice that the gun of choice is an AR, would another option such as an M1A be a waste for competition? Trying to keep it under $1500, prefer closer to $1000 but that would take the M1A out of the choice list.
  12. Welcome from Central Florida!
  13. Again from Central Florida, Gator, you're pretty close. We should get together.
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